A Tribute Car for The Managements

September 17, 2009

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2You must have heard a lot of times about cars that specially made in order to tribute someone. The special cars are usually used to make a tribute to their legendary racer, just mentions SLR Stirling Moss (pays tribute to Sir Stirling Moss) and Subaru Imprezza RB320 (pays tribute to Richard Burns).

But this year two other tribute cars are launched to public, the difference from other tribute cars is the cars made to tribute the management person. They are not a legendary racer, not a celebrity too, the one is a great automobile maker CEO and the other one is a loyal employee of the automobile maker.
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Takaful, an Introduction

February 3, 2009

Brief Explanation

Takaful means a scheme based on brotherhood, solidarity and mutual assistance which provides for mutual financial aid and assistance to the participants in case of need whereby the participants mutually agree to contribute for that purpose (Takaful Act 1984, article 2), for short it is an Islamic Insurance, which still bring sharia principles within which are the main differences with the conventional insurance. It’s been practiced for about 1400 years, historians believe that Muslim of Mecca and Medina has started a kind of mutual insurance, and it developed again with trade between Arabs and Asians which require a great time and length that increase the risk of robbery and loss.
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Hybrid Car, Does It Still Far-Far Away from Indonesia?

December 1, 2008

Honda FCX Clarity one of the brand new hybrid carsThe next step of the automobile is the hybrid car, well I won’t talk about the specification or which hybrid you should use, but how long we should wait for a Prius, Insight or FCX park in our garage in Indonesia.

There some borders that Indonesian citizens have in order to have a hybrid car, mostly about the price and cost, and mostly it come from the government, here’s some that I got :
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The Lebaran Effects?

September 30, 2008

Ketupat, The Symbol of LebaranAt the half of the month (September), my friend, Fajar told me that Dow Jones and Han Seng Index are fall by more than 10%, and I asked him, “how about Indonesia?”. He answered “We can still relax at this time, it’s still stable”.

I asked him back “Why?”, “I have no idea”, He replied. I answered my own question (with joking) “Maybe there’s a Lebaran effect, so demands are increasing and hold the economics from falling down”. “Just maybe”, Fajar replied.

I look at the newspaper and everybody said “The Black Monday“, because Lehman Brothers was filed for bankruptcy.

I would have a review about the Index movement at this month, unfortunately I couldn’t get the closing price data until the end of the month (my data end at 19th of September), but I hope it’s enough to give a brief picture about the market at three countries (United States, Hong Kong and Indonesia)
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Create Filter at Yahoo! Mail

September 4, 2008

Yahoo! MailJoining so many communities and network such as mailing list or social networking could make your network expand, but along with that your email’s inbox must be full with the messages that sometimes not important for you. Many friends of mine overcome that with making a special email account for joining or subscribing. But actually you could handle the messages with folder and filters, so the messages are automatically placed in special folder and won’t make your inbox full.

Here’s the step to do that in Yahoo! Mail
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Downloading Via Torrent

August 19, 2008

Torrent LogoI have tried to download many files using torrent, but I’m usually pissed off cry with the download process and canceled it because the status bar seems not moving up or showing any progress. I’ve tried to use all torrent client in my OpenSuSe 10.3 and Kubuntu 8.04, but “seems” didn’t worked because the download speed still at 0 (zero), I removed the download and pledged not to download via torrent anymore.

But yesterday I was forced to use the torrent, because there’s a file that I need to complete my comic book collection and there’s no download source except via torrent. This time I’m using Ubuntu 8.04 from my desktop and I’m using “Transmission BitTorrent Client” as the Client program. Because this is my last hope I decided to wait for a longer time, and be more patient, and it worked exclamation
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Joker's Game Theory in The Dark Knight

August 4, 2008

Joker in The Dark KnightIn The Dark Knight movie, there is a scene where Joker traps two ferries that carrying people out of Gotham. Each boat has different passengers :

  • Boat 1 = Contains the prisoners, several policemen and jail guardian
  • Boat 2 = Contains civilians, they are free and look more educated than most people at the first boat

Each of the boat has a bomb placed inside and the detonator to detonate the other bomb, so Boat 1 could detonate the bomb in Boat 2 and vice versa.

With time limit given, they have to choose between to detonate or not, and both of the boat can’t communicate to each other. Yes, this is could be a prisoner’s dilemma or game of chicken because they faced morality problem, they could be a murderer.
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Gas is for Deep Pockets?

July 29, 2008

Gas StationI buy gas for my motorcycle every Tuesday and last time I went to the gas station, it shocked me with the price. I never felt the rapid increasing price like this. I usually buy a 92 octane gasoline (Premium Grade) and it has reached Rp. 10.600 per liter (about US$ 4.39 per gallon), last two weeks I bought it in Rp. 10.300 per liter (about US$ 4.26 per gallon). Six months ago I could bought it in price Rp. 8.600 per liter (about US$ 3.56 per gallon).

I could do some saving if I use the octane 88 (Regular Grade) one which price is Rp. 6.000 per liter (about US$ 2.48 per gallon) instead of the 92 octane one. Well all I can say is it just a matter of habit. When you usually fill up your tank with a higher octane there are a lot of consideration if you want to downgrade your gas.

But I’m not all alone, other countries has the same condition with me in Indonesia. For example :

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KDE 4, Ready or Not Ready?

July 19, 2008

KDE 4 LogoBefore we go to the topic, I just want to say that this post doesn’t suggest you to be ready to use KDE 4, but in contrary I just want to review and give my opinion about the brand new KDE 4.

If you are the Linux user, before you log in you can choose the type of sessions (except if you are Ubuntu users), there are Gnome, KDE and XFCE. Every users has their own preferences, I don’t know about Indonesia, but as long as I know that American users prefer more to Gnome and European users prefer more to KDE since Gnome is from US and KDE is from Germany.

I used to be preferred more to Gnome because of it’s more customizable, but since KDE 4 launched and released officially, it has attracted me with the widgets and it’s Vista-like layout. So I could show it to my friends and prove that Linux is cool!
View of My KDE 4 Desktop

I’m running Kubuntu 8.04 (not an official version but a community development version with KDE 4 inside) at my laptop and OpenSuse 11 at my desktop. Then I found several problems in using KDE 4 :
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Problems Within Indonesian Insurance Company

July 16, 2008

Still related with my previous post about insurance, if I had talked about the threats that insurance companies must face, now I’m going to talk about the insurance companies itself.

There are several problems that Indonesian Insurance Company have, those are :

Over Supply
The insurance market in Indonesia actually is not as big as expected. So there is an oversupply in the market. There are 40 life insurance companies and 92 common insurance companies in Indonesia, but none of them have significant market share, even with the market leader. AIG Life (life insurance) only have 13.76% and Jasindo (common insurance) only have 13.3% (2005 data).
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