Convert SSA to SRT Subtitle in Ubuntu

Ubuntu LogoWatching downloaded movie is my new hobby, yeah I know it’s kinda illegal but sometimes there are movies that you couldn’t found in the store. One of the problem is the subtitle, sometimes it’s only available in SSA format which Totem Movie Player couldn’t play. One of the solution is download VLC Media Player but the buffering process is slow (in my laptop especially) and sometimes hang. I need to watch it without troubles and I don’t understand Japanese yet.

So I need to convert the subtitles and watch it at Totem. I’ve tried to convert it manually but takes a long time even just for 30 minutes movie. And I found Gaupol an subtitle editor :

  1. Install Gaupol with :
    $ sudo apt-get install gaupol
  2. Open the SSA subtitle
  3. Save As… (Not ‘Save Translation As…’)
  4. Select ‘SubRip’ at the ‘Format’ selection
  5. Don’t forget to put it under the same name as the movie and in the same folder

Then you have a SRT subtitle and you could watch the movie in Totem. Have a nice watch!

Anton Hermansyah

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4 Responses to “Convert SSA to SRT Subtitle in Ubuntu”

  1. ahmadzxc Says:

    it’s helped

  2. Joaco Says:



  3. Menganti Subtitle Dalam Bentuk SSA ke SRT | Teknonesia Says:

    […] sumber  […]

  4. amilcar Says:

    excelent it works!! 😀

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