A Tribute Car for The Managements

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2You must have heard a lot of times about cars that specially made in order to tribute someone. The special cars are usually used to make a tribute to their legendary racer, just mentions SLR Stirling Moss (pays tribute to Sir Stirling Moss) and Subaru Imprezza RB320 (pays tribute to Richard Burns).

But this year two other tribute cars are launched to public, the difference from other tribute cars is the cars made to tribute the management person. They are not a legendary racer, not a celebrity too, the one is a great automobile maker CEO and the other one is a loyal employee of the automobile maker.

Lee Iacocca

Iacocca with Mustang Iacocca Edition
Iacocca is famous for his effort to revive Chrysler at 1980’s, but before that, he had worked at Ford Motor Company from 1946-1978 and involved at the birth of some Ford successful models, including the legendary Mustang before he was dumped out after clash with Henry Ford II the CEO at the time also the grandson of Henry Ford.

This year, Mustang has reached it’s 45th anniversary. and they celebrate it with the Mustang Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition, a limited edition that only 45 units exist in the world.

The car is based on the 2009 Mustang platform, costumer could choose between naturally aspirated 4.6-l V8 generating 320hp, or supercharged motor delivering 400hp. The special car is marked by “Iacocca” emblem at the trunk and “I” logo replacing the Ford logo at the rims and tail. It gets an upgraded suspension, Ford Racing Handling Package, and moves on 20-inch aluminum wheels.

Valentino Balboni

Balboni with LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni
Balboni is the former chief test driver of Lamborghini, at 1968 he began his careers at the Italian car maker as a mechanic apprentice, after that he was asked by the founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini to test drive the newly build cars together with Bob Wallace as the test driver. Since then every single brand new model were tested by him, approximately 80% of ever built Lambo has been driven by him.

After serving the company for 40 years, he retired due to Italian Government Regulations. in order to pay a tribute to his dedication, the company make a special model named Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni.

Limited to only 250 units, this brand new Lambo offers a unique character of driving as the test driver chief suggested about, instead of using four wheel drive, this car is using rear wheel drive, so the costumer could easily drift this car, which could catch more enthusiast driver to buy. The engine power is reduced to 550 HP instead of 560 HP of ordinary Gallardo, but compensated with the weight reduction of the using of rear wheel drive instead of all wheel drive.

The appearance is marked with white stripe from the nose to the back of the body, you could also find the white stripe in the interior. Combined with the scorpion wheel, it’s a Lambo that need skillful driver to handle it.

A good way to tribute the managements, it’s because of them the company reach it’s success.

Anton Hermansyah

Logo of Anton Hermansyah



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