Hybrid Car, Does It Still Far-Far Away from Indonesia?

Honda FCX Clarity one of the brand new hybrid carsThe next step of the automobile is the hybrid car, well I won’t talk about the specification or which hybrid you should use, but how long we should wait for a Prius, Insight or FCX park in our garage in Indonesia.

There some borders that Indonesian citizens have in order to have a hybrid car, mostly about the price and cost, and mostly it come from the government, here’s some that I got :

Import Tariff

There are no reduction in import tariff from government, which make hybrid cars very expensive in Indonesia, for example, Prius OTR price is Rp. 495.000.000, the ideal price is at least Rp. 200.000.000 or lower. The hybrids still have to come in CBU, which has an higher import tariff than CKD one and still, no reduction from government.

Tax Price

Related with It’s expensive price (in Indonesia), it also because of no tax incentive wheter to the car itself or for the car maker. There are PP 1/2007 as an incentive for car maker to produce hybrid cars in Indonesia, but how would you produce a lot of cars if you don’t have enough demand? Whether Indonesia’s car market is dominated by 1.000-1.500 cc MPVs segment which has lower price and cost than hybrid one.

Not Enough Campaign

In other countries, a lot of campaign has done in order to socialize hybrid to their citizens, like in US and UK which the celebrities and socialite trade their car with hybrid, New York City has converting it’s taxicab with hybrids starting by 2005, even Barack Obama (US Current President) has Ford Escape Hybrid as his car. In Indonesia? Better buying Camry or Alphard (not the hybrid version of course)

Well, I’ll be waiting for the moment to come, to have a hybrid park in my garage, and to have a bluer sky in Jakarta

Anton Hermansyah

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