Create Filter at Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! MailJoining so many communities and network such as mailing list or social networking could make your network expand, but along with that your email’s inbox must be full with the messages that sometimes not important for you. Many friends of mine overcome that with making a special email account for joining or subscribing. But actually you could handle the messages with folder and filters, so the messages are automatically placed in special folder and won’t make your inbox full.

Here’s the step to do that in Yahoo! Mail

Create Folder for The Emails

At the folder sidebar click “add”, name your folder, then “My Folders” directory is created with your folder instead.

Yahoo! Mail Front

Create the Filter

Click “Options” -> “Mail Options” you will arrive at “Mail Options” page. Click “Filters” and you will directed to “Filters” page. Click “Add” button.
Add Fliter Page

Create The Filter Rule

You will arrive at “Add Message Filter” page, fill with everything you need. For example, if you want to place messages you received from into the folder you just create (I named it 4704), then you must fill :

  • Rules
    • From Header – Contains –
    • To/Cc Header – Contains – [empty]
    • Subject – Contains – [empty]
    • Body – Contains – [empty]
  • Then…
    • Move the message to: 4704 (you can create new folders if you want)

Example of Filter
Click “add filter” button, and the filter is done created, you can add until 15 filters if you need to. Back to the front page of your Yahoo! webmail. Wait the message to come, and check, if you doing the right way you won’t have the email placed at your inbox but in your newly created folder, take a look at the picture :
After Filtering
By now, you won’t see your inbox full with messages, also it makes you easier to track back the discussion or topics at the mailing list you joined. Try some variation of filter rules and choose that suited best for you.

Have a fun mailing with your Yahoo! Mail

Anton Hermansyah

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