Downloading Via Torrent

Torrent LogoI have tried to download many files using torrent, but I’m usually pissed off cry with the download process and canceled it because the status bar seems not moving up or showing any progress. I’ve tried to use all torrent client in my OpenSuSe 10.3 and Kubuntu 8.04, but “seems” didn’t worked because the download speed still at 0 (zero), I removed the download and pledged not to download via torrent anymore.

But yesterday I was forced to use the torrent, because there’s a file that I need to complete my comic book collection and there’s no download source except via torrent. This time I’m using Ubuntu 8.04 from my desktop and I’m using “Transmission BitTorrent Client” as the Client program. Because this is my last hope I decided to wait for a longer time, and be more patient, and it worked exclamation

Here’s some tips from me about downloading via torrent :

Choose a good torrent source

You could look at the statistic of the torrent, is it active? is it stable? and how often people download from that torrent, that determine a good torrent source.

Have a good torrent client program

The program should be user friendly and easy to use, if you are using Ubuntu 8.04, Transmission BitTorrent Client is enough to fulfill your needs. It’s enabling you to choose which file is to download or not, and you could assign the priority (high, normal or low) and change the priority when when the download process has begun and run, the things that I couldn’t do (or I haven’t know) with KTorrent in Kubuntu 8.04.

Good (or Incredible) Internet Connections

I’m using a cable modem and my download speed reach 160 KiB/s (normal download without download accelerator. But when I’m using torrent, I feel like I’m back to ancient times, with dial up modem, yeah because my download speed is just reach 30 KiB/s, and that’s the maximum speed untill now and the download speed is not stable, you could download nothing in a long time.


Forgot the superiority of your download speed, take another activities, and don’t look too much at the download process. Sure, patience could help you in this process.

Have a no fun downloading process 😀

Anton Hermansyah

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One Response to “Downloading Via Torrent”

  1. omalone1 Says:

    I just steer clear of those files. silly me I suppose

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