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Wordpress MU LogoI’ve told you that this is my second blog, because I never expect that UI would provide a blog for each student.

Actually this is my first time of using WordPress, i have practiced blogging but at the Blogspot, and I’m having some difficulties to do the same thing as I did on my first blog. I’m talking about how far you could customize your blog, adding the widgets, embed some videos and other things you could do to differentiate your blog from the others.

Honestly I was almost desperate to decorate this blog in order to have a better look. This blog is lack of widget, and the way you could add the widgets is totally different from Blogspot. Then I realized that I couldn’t add any widget on my own.

Is that because of the WordPress? At first I do think so. But if the WordPress doesn’t have the customizing ability like the others, it would be at one big leap behind the others at the blogging service war. Then, why WordPress bloggers whom I visited still could install the widgets (including the ones that I want)?

The reason why they could and I couldn’t is because I’m using the WordPress MU, I go browse for some information, and here’s what I got :

WordPress Multi-User (WordPress MU) is a fork of WordPress created to allow simultaneous blogs to exist within one installation. WordPress MU makes it possible for anyone with a website to host their own blogging community, control, and moderate all the blogs from a single dashboard. WordPress MU adds eight new data tables for each blog.

Source from Wikipedia

So, it means that I’m not using an ordinary WordPress, and all the things related with widgets, java scripts and HTML scripts of this blog are depend on the Administrator, means I don’t have a privilege to fully customize my blog.

Well. I”ll keep on trying to make this blog as beautiful as I could. All I need to do is to find another way.

Anton Hermansyah

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3 Responses to “About This Blog”

  1. adin Says:

    Untuk konten, memang sih … wordpress MU itu tergantung dari admin nya … namun kalau anda memiliki “theme” yang anda dekorasi sendiri, mungkin anda bisa kontak saya untuk di-upload ke server. Namun syaratnya adalah …. theme anda juga bisa digunakan oleh orang lain.

  2. ANTON HERMANSYAH - 060500084X Says:

    Wah, terima kasih atas bantuannya. Tapi saya bermasalah dengan syarat “bisa digunakan juga untuk orang lain” 🙂 karena widget yang mau saya masukkan adalah konten-konten seperti “Recent Visitors”-nya MyBlogLog atau shoutbox yang membutuhkan pedaftaran ke penyedia jasa konten.

    Mengenai blognya, untuk saya yang sudah mulai terbiasa dengan Blogger (saya baru mulai blogging belum ada 1 bulan), blog ini membuat saya pontang-panting mencari cara “mendandani” blog saya, sekarang sedikit demi sedikit saya mulai bisa menghiasnya. Tapi saya juga maklum karena Blog UI ini memang seharusnya ditujukan untuk hal-hal akademis, sehingga masalah aksesoris tidak begitu penting di sini.

    Mungkin jika ada konten atau plugin yang baru di Blog ini, saya mohon anda untuk informasikan ke saya. Basic saya bukan orang IT dan say masih belum bisa untuk megedit theme di Blog.

    Terima kasih

    Anton Hermansyah

  3. Jim Spence Says:

    Saturday In searching for sites related to web hosting and specifically web community host, your site came up.

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