Compile Separated AVI Movie in Ubuntu

Ubuntu LogoRecently, I upload an AVI movie from RapidShare, I got confused because the filename extensions doesn’t end with .avi but .001 and .002, I renamed it into .avi but just the first file was able to be watched the second file wasn’t.

I realized that those files are DVDrip files and need to be compiled. But how?

I’ve tried to install all DVDrip programs in my Kubuntu 8.04, from dvd::rip until AcidRip, but the result was I’m getting more confused. Then I found this article, and got some clues. The article is in Bahasa Indonesia, I just rewrite it in English, here’s the instruction :

  1. Install the Mencoder packages using this command :
    $ sudo apt-get install mencoder mplayer
  2. If there are 3 files, compile the file using this command :
    $ cat A.001 B.002 C.003 > [your movie name].avi
  3. Repair the video and sound indexing using this command :
    $ mencoder -forceidx -oac copy -ovc copy [your movie name].avi -o [your final movie name].avi
  4. Enjoy your movie with your media player

I hope this post could help you

Anton Hermansyah

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